Saturday, April 20, 2013

Stephen Baron on Simple Project Management Tools

Stephen Baron founded Stephen Baron Consultancy to serve as a consultant for London-based businesses. Mr. Baron provides consultation on real estate law, commercial regulations, information technology, project management, and more. Here, Mr. Baron reviews three project management tools that may help your small business.
  • Basecamp. This tool from 37signals is one of the web's most popular. Each week some 7,000 companies sign up to try it. Use Basecamp to monitor project tasks, discussions, and progress.
  • Smartsheet. A platform that's named after what it looks like - a spreadsheet - Smartsheet can be used for file sharing and team discussions, as well as sharing in-progress projects with clients.
  •  AgileZen. This tool allows you to easily see multiple projects at a glance. Use it for effective team scheduling and ensuring that project contingencies line up with one another.
Regardless of the tool you choose, make sure it's one that allows your team to work more productively together and as individuals. A project management tool shouldn't feel like work, but should facilitate your team's work.